Jennie's X-Men Movie Fan Art Gallery: General Photo Manipulations


A photo manip from some X2 photos of Wolverine and Rogue.

Cyclops...Scott Summers

A photo manip of Cyclops/Scott Summers, for Nadja's birthday.

Same song...second verse.

A photo manip of Logan and Marie from an X2 "behind-the-scenes" screen capture.

Faith and Anger

A photo manip for the Faith and Anger Yahoo! Group.
For the desktop wallpaper version (1168x962 pixels), click here.

Down Under

A photo manip inspired by a publicity photo from The Boy From Oz.
(Click here for the another version of this manip made for the WRFA's Third Annibirthary Challenge!)


A manip based on a original photo of Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romaijn-Stamos.

March 2004 Splash Image!

My manip for the March 2004 splash page of!

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