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The official list of and The Wolverine and Rogue Fan Fiction Archive

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A community of X-Men Fan Fiction writers and fans.

Multiple Author Archives

Wolverine and Rogue Fanfiction Archive

The Wolverine and Rogue Fan Fiction Archive
The Fan Fic Archive of

X-Men Hero: Cyclops

X-Men Hero Cyclops
Nadja's Cyclops site - a multi-author archive.

Shirasade's fanfiction archive

the reading room
Shirasade's multi-fandom multi-author fanfiction archive .

Single Author Archives

Ransom's Archive
Ransom's fic archive.

Tinhut Lady's fic archive.

Terri's Peep Hut

Terri's Peep Hut
Terri's fic archive.


The home of Taryn's fic-novel, "Indomitable Will, Tender Heart."

The Different
Megs' fic archive - Houses her earlier works.

A Long & Involved Conversation with Myself
Megs' LiveJournal - Houses her latest fic.

Of Claws and Dogtags

Of Claws and Dogtags
Joanne's fic archive.

Other Related Sites
A website for all things Wolverine and Rogue.

Harem Universe

Adamantium Babes: The Harem Universe
Home of the Cult of the Belt Buckle!

Jackmans Landing

Jackman's Landing
The definitive Hugh Jackman news and information source on the WWW!

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