Jennie's X-Men Movie Fan Art Gallery:
Cover Art for Stories by Other Authors

Fender Benders and Consequences

"Fender Benders and Consequences," by Karen.

Good Neighbors

"Good Neighbors," by Terri.
God bless you, Mr. Rogers; we'll miss you!
(Click here to see the e-postcard that inspired this photo manip.)

Angel in a Dirty Gown

"Angel in a Dirty Gown," by CJ.

Les Liaisons X

"Les Liaisons X," by Stella.


"Grotesque," by Stella.

Sweet Nothings

"Sweet Nothings," by Stella.

Sleep/Running Scared

"Sleep," by JJ Blazer.
(Artist Note: The lyrics in the backgraound are from "Running Scared" by Roy Orbison.)

Seasons of Growth

"Seasons of Growth," by November Tuesday.


"Tulsa," by Ransom.


"Signposts," by Ransom.

Roadkill Grill

"An Evening at The Roadkill Grill"
Inspired by Macha's The Roadkill Grill, and excellent XMM/TWW [L/M & J/D] crossover fic.

A Moonlight Snack

"A Moonlight Snack," by Tinhutlady. [Buffy/Angel, fluff]

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