Bachelorette Party

Title: Bachelorette Party

Author: Jennie

Website: In dreams...of silk and adamantium

Disclaimer: I know I don't own them, I just forget sometimes…

Rating: Adult (explicit language, sexual imagery)

Feedback: Always appreciated!

Pairing: Scott and Kitty; Logan and Marie (implied).

Summary: It's the night before Scott and Kitty's wedding...

Archive: "In dreams...of silk and adamantium" and "Dolphin Haven." All others, please ask...I'll say yes.

Author Notes: A response to the 150 words or less challenges from Karen. Warning: Not Betaed!

Credits: The photo manip above uses an original manip of Ro, Rogue and Jean, made by the talented Tamar White.

Dedication: To Leah — Thanks for the great Scott/Kitty lovin' in "Dark Enclosures!" Definitely, read it if you haven't! Go! Now!


Logan turned the corner and saw an indignant-looking Scott standing in front of his bedroom door.

"What are you doing here? You know it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride the night before the wedding."

"I was on my way downstairs and thought I'd just knock on the door and tell Kitty I loved her and would see her tomorrow. But, I heard them laughing and…."

They heard Kitty's muffled gasp, "Look how big that guy's cock is!" Then they heard that telltale music…. Scott's eyes grew big and his neck veins started to pulse.

"Come on Scooter, you need a beer."

"They're watching porn videos! I knew those girls would corrupt my sweet little Kitty-Kat!"

"I doubt they could corrupt her anymore than you have these last two months." Logan quirked his brow, "Besides, you know sex on television can't hurt you… unless you fall off!"

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