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Fan Fiction:

Fic: Silver Springs [Young Teen] [L/M]
Summary: While out on the road, Logan watches the webcast of the Mutant High talent show on his laptop.

Fic: How Do X-Men eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup? [Mature (sexual imagery)] [L/M]
Summary: The X-men star in a popular candy commercial.

Drabble: Bachelorette Party [Adult (explicit language, sexual imagery)] [S/K, L/M]
Summary: It's the night before Scott and Kitty's wedding...

Fic: You're a Very Good Girl, Marie (Logan's POV) [Adult (explicit language and sex)] [L/M]
Summary: This is merely a retelling of Terri's wonderful story (Good Girl), but from Logan's point of view, rather than Marie's. (You might want to read it first if you haven't yet.)

Drabble: Sometimes, You Keep Loving Someone [Mature (explicit language, psychological issues)] [L/M]
Summary: What do you do when someone you love might be going crazy? You keep loving them...

Drabble: St. Patrick's Day [Mature (sexual imagery)] [L/M]
Summary: Logan wears green for St. Patrick's Day.

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